Christian Michael’s Figure Review Episode 168: My Geek Box March 2017

They’re back. I thought I had got rid of My Geek Box FOREVER, but they’re back. Hopefully for the last time. Enjoy the last (PLEASE be the last) Unboxing of My Geek Box. Continue reading


Christian Michael’s Figure Review Episode 167: WWE WrestleMania Elite Flashback Shawn Michaels

It’s WrestleMania Sunday! So, it’s time for a special Sunday edition of Christian Michael’s Figure Review as we look at The Heartbreak Kid’s newest figure. It’s a WrestleMania 12 Flashback from Shawn’s first WWE Championship win. Continue reading

Christian Michael’s Figure Review Episode 166: The Green Ranger Legacy Collection and Power Rangers Movie Review

The title of this YouTube series has the words “figure review” in it, so yes the string of unboxings are over and we are going to actually review a figure. Check out the Green Ranger from the Power Rangers Legacy Collection. I even give my thoughts on the Power Rangers movie that I saw over the weekend. Continue reading