From the Vault: WWE Elimination Chamber 2011 Review

After out opening video package, my favorite announcer in WWE Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Alberto Del Rio. I laughed at the only English words he said “loser Oakland Raiders” taking a jab at the team since they are in Oakland tonight. Del Rio gets in the rings and takes a mic and says he is committed to excellence and later tonight six men will put their careers on the line just for the right to lose to him at WrestleMania. He then moves onto his opponent tonight, Kofi Kingston and calls him trash and begins to run him down further as Kofi’s music hits and we are ready for action.

Alberto Del Rio beats Kofi Kingston via Submission (**3/4)

A very solid opener that did it’s job it getting the crowd hot for the PPV. It could’ve been  better but it’s still the same complaints I have about Kofi that I talked about in this week’s Smacked Up! There were a couple close, good near falls and I loved Del Rio’s counter of Kofi’s crossbody off the top rope by jumping up and driving his knees in Kofi’s gut. It looked like Kofi was going to get the three after a DDT but Rodriguez interfered stopping the count. Kofi then went after ADR in the corner but he crotched himself and Alberto hit a neckbreaker and tried to sink in the cross arm breaker but Kofi tried to fight it off but eventually ADR locked it in and got Kofi to tap after 11 minutes.

Todd Grisham is in the back with the World Heavyweight Champion Edge. Edge knows no one has successfully defended the title in a Chamber Match in the past five years but he can survive Vickie Guerrero this will be a walk in the park. Drew McIntyre comes by and is still pissed that Edge according to him, is the reason Kelly Kelly was fired. Edge says the WHC and Kelly have something in common, they’ll never be with Drew.

Elimination Chamber Match for the World Heavyweight Championship- Champion Edge vs. The Big Show vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Wade Barrett vs. Kane vs. Drew McIntyre

I thought this might go last since it’s a Championship Match but look at the lineup. There’s no star power. Edge and Rey Mysterio kick off the match. Rey and Edge pace themselves for the first four minutes when the pod opens and Barrett is out third. Rey did his usual spot where he gets slid out of the ring to the floor only this time he skidded across the steel and crashed into the chain. Nice spot. Kane is in next and goes after everybody. First time I’ve ever seen a triple clothesline spot with Rey, Edge and Barrett hitting each other all at the same time. Still no eliminations as Drew enters the match and he goes after Rey and slams him into a pod. Drew viciously whips Barrett back first through a pod. Rey is the match’s whipping boy as Kane sends him head first into a pod. All the men are still in the match as the last participant, The Big Show enters. Maybe Barrett is the whipping boy as he goes through his second pod at the hands of Show. Then Show chops the hell out of him and hits him with the KO Punch for the first elimination after about 18 minutes. After taking  Show takes a Future Shock DDT, Rey comes off the top off the pod with a Seated Senton but he kicks out. It’s a Kane Chokeslam that eliminates Show at the 20 minute mark. Seconds later, Kane eliminates Drew with a Chokeslam. Edge Spears Kane and Rey simultaneously but pins Kane to eliminate him at the 23 minute mark. On the way out Kane attacks Edge and Rey. The two are left laying as Kane leaves. They come to and trade big moves and pin attempts including Rey kicking out of the Spear and Edge kicking out of the 619/Springboard Splash. Rey goes for and hits another 619 but this time he goes climbs up the turbuckle and jumps off the top rope and Edge catches him in midair with a Spear and pins him to retain the World Heavyweight Championship after 31 minutes.

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion- Edge. ****1/4 Just an excellent match. Great work by all. The intensity really picked up once McIntyre got in there. The ending with Rey and Edge was sensational.

After the match, Del Rio ran in the chamber and attacked Edge and locked in the cross arm breaker until he was saved by CHRISTIAN! Yes, he’s back! Christian attacks ADR and finishes him off with the Killswitch. Then Edge adds a Spear to Del Rio for good measure.

Jerry Lawler is getting ready for his match when Matt Striker asks him for his thoughts on the match. He says he hasn’t been able to enjoy this match as much as he wanted to because of his mom passing away last week but he needs to out his past him to accomplish his dream of going to WrestleMania.

Booker T enters the ring with a mic to introduce another trainer for Tough Enough. It’s none other than Trish Stratus. Tough Enough is becoming a must watch show with her, Booker T and Stone Cold Steve Austin. She is still smoking hot. She says she’s been working on a catchphrase but it’s really her imitating The Rock, sucka. That failed. She says she’s here tonight to see Lawler win the WWE Championship. Innocent time killer to settle the crowd after the Elimination Chamber and it’s always great to see Trish.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match- Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater defeat Vladimir Kozlov and Santino Marella to become the NEW WWE Tag Team Champions (*1/4)

This match followed the same formula all of Santino and Vlad’s matches have. Vlad was in control of Gabriel but Heath made a blind tag and hit Vlad with a reverse DDT and then tagged Gabriel back in and he hit the 450 Splash and we have new Tag Team Champions after a five minute match.

Todd Grisham is with the WWE Champion, The Miz. He wants to know if Miz is nervous but he’s not because it’s 2011, the year of The Miz. He says tonight he will shatter Lawler’s dreams and beat whoever wins the Elimination Chamber at WrestleMania because he’s The Miz and we know the rest.

A somber Vickie Guerrero makes her way down to the ring. She is here to explain why Dolph Ziggler attacked Teddy Long. She says Dolph has an uncontrollable temper and all he was doing was showing her how much he loves her. He committed a crime of passion and is very sorry. She pleads with the Universe to contact Teddy Long to reinstate Ziggler. Here comes Teddy Long. He tells her to stop because she is embarrassing herself. He tells her he is in a hiring mood and she assumes it’s Ziggler but he says it’s not. The person he hired back is Kelly Kelly. Kelly goes after Vickie and kicks her and slams her face in the mat. Laycool comes out to make the save and beat the hell out of Kelly. Trish Stratus comes out to chase off  Laycool but when she turns her back Laycool attacks Trish. Trish makes a comback but botches her top rope head scissors. She finishes off Laycool with a double Stratusfaction. This segment was better suited for SmackDown but if they wanted to give Trish a moment I guess they had to do it here.

WWE Championship Match- Champion The Miz pins Jerry Lawler to retain the Championship (**1/2)

I have to give these two, especially Lawler, this came off way better than I ever expected it to be. Lawler went for a bunch of quick covers in the beginning of the match trying to catch Miz. At the seven minute mark, Alex Riley tripped Lawler behind the referee’s back but the referee had no other recourse than to think it was Riley who tripped Lawler so he threw him out of the ringside area. Things spilled to the floor where Lawler threw Miz onto Michael Cole. Back in the ring, Lawler hit his top rope fist drop but covered Miz too close to the ropes and Miz got his foot on the bottom rope. Lawler had Miz rolled up but Miz kicked out then kicked Lawler in then head and hit the Skull Crushing Finale to retain his title.

John Cena’s trying to be a funny guy eating some Fruity Pebbles when Todd Grisham walks in. Todd wants to know his thoughts on The Rock but he’s focused on the Elimination Chamber and he’s feeling yabba-dabba-delicious. Tool.

Matt Striker is with CM Punk. Punk brags about beating Cena the last three times that they faced each other and he can’t see anyone other than him winning the Elimination Chamber.

Elimination Chamber Match to determine the #1 Contender for the WWE Championship- CM Punk vs. Randy Orton vs. R-Truth vs. Sheamus vs. John Morrison vs. John Cena

It’s Sheamus and Morrison to kick off the match. Early on Morrison shows his skills, Spidermanning the chain into a Flying Chuck Kick. The next man out is Randy Orton. Orton goes crazy tossing Morrison through a pod and hitting the hanging DDT on Sheamus onto the steel. The fourth man to enter the match is CM Punk and the referee is having trouble opening Punk’s pod. Orton attacks him while he’s still stuck in the pod. Orton gets him out of the pod and throws him in the ring and hits the RKO on Punk for our first Elimination at the nine minute mark. As the Chamber opens to let Punk out we have an EMAIL ALERT! The Computer is allowing Punk to renter his pod due to the malfunction. What the hell was that? John Cena enters the match at the 13 minute mark to boos from the crowd. Sheamus jumps Cena as he leaves his pod. Truth is the fifth man into the match. Moments later, Truth eats a Brogue Kick and is the first official elimination at the 17 minute mark. Orton shoves Morrison through another pod and then he pairs off with Cena and the boo/yea dueling punches start. As Punk is set to renter the match Orton hits Cena with the RKO on the steel. Punk mocks Orton before he hits the Go To Sleep on Orton to eliminate him at the 22 minute mark. After a battle a top one of the pods, Morrison scales all the way to the top of the Chamber and comes down on Sheamus with a clothesline and that’s it for Sheamus at 25 minutes. Morrison is insane. That was dangerous. It’s the 5 Moves of Doom of Punk but he roles out of the ring before he can get hit with the Attitude Adjustment. Cena goes to the outside to get him and lifts him for the AA but Morrison come flying out of nowhere taking out Cena and Punk. Morrison went for the running knee of Cena but Cena ducked and Morrison went crashing into a pod. Punk tries to slingshot Morrison into a pod but he scales the chains again and delivers a Flying Chuck knocking Punk into the ring. Morrison goes for Starship Pain but missed and Punk hits the GTS eliminatin him. Mere seconds later, Cena hits Punk with the AA onto the steel and pins him to end the match after 33 minutes of action.

Winner- John Cena. ****1/4 Another fantastic match. The only complaint I have here is The Computer allowing Punk to reenter the match but it does fit the storyline with him and Punk. Great work by all men (minus Truth) involved here. John Morrison is an animal.

Cena celebrates in the ring as Miz looks on from the back as the PPV goes off the air with four minutes to spare.

The Diagnosis

Let’s give it up for the guys in the Elimination Chamber Matches tonight. Those guys worked their tails off providing two great matches that are both early Match of the Year Contenders. Del Rio and Kofi provided a very suitable opener and Lawler vs. Miz produced a match much better than we could have expected. I can’t say enough good things about the work in those four matches tonight. The PPV did drag a bit from after the World Heavyweight Championship to the WWE Championship and it was a very predictable night in terms of booking. That’s the only thing that’s going to hold the rating down a bit. It was nice to see Trish and I’m glad Christian is back and looking ready for action. The 2011 WWE Elimination Chamber gets a 8/10.

Star of the Night

This goes to John Morrison. Even though he didn’t win, no one shined brighter in either Elimination Chamber match than him. The man is a freak and it’s got to be only a matter of time before he gets his shot at the top.


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