From the Vault: 2010 WWE Elimination Chamber PPV Review

Part of the reason I started this blog was to have a place to put my archives. So, with WWE presenting the Elimination Chamber PPV in ten days I figured it was a good time to post my first column “from the vault” which is my review of the first WWE Elimination Chamber PPV from 2010. Enjoy!

Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Championship- Champion Sheamus vs John Cena vs Randy Orton vs Kofi Kingston vs Ted DiBiase vs Triple H

I had this match coming in at about 32 minutes. Sheamus and Kofi start off the match and go back and forth for the 5 minutes. Triple H comes in 3rd. Before he came in we had the unintentionally funny moment of the night. HHH was smiling at Sheamus as he was getting ready to be unlocked and with the smile and the way the light was shining into the pod he looked like an Evil Santa Claus. We get a nice spot when Kofi does the Boom Drop over the ropes onto HHH who is laying on the steel. Randy Orton comes in 4th, followed by Ted DiBiase 5th. Ted and Orton work together to mow through the 3 other men in the match. There was a real cool spot where Orton shoves Kofi’s head in between the links of the cage and Ted applies a Boston Crab. Orton hits his hanging DDT on HHH onto the steel which was sick looking. Cena comes in last and cleans house hitting all 6 of the moves he knows. His flying leg drop was hit very nicely tonight. He hits the Attitude Adjustment on Ted onto the steel, then locks in the STF on Ted, but Orton saves him. Cody Rhodes makes his way to the ring with a lead pipe. He tosses it in the ring and Ted picks it up. At this point Orton is in the AA position. Ted goes to hit Cena, but hits Orton instead and Cena hits the AA. Ted then hits Cena with the pipe. Ted can’t decide who to pin. He chooses Orton and we have our 1st elimination at the 25 minute mark. This was the 1st EC match where all 6 men were in the ring at the same time. The eliminations start flying after that. A minute later Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise on Ted and Ted’s gone. A minute after that Sheamus hits the pump kick and Razor’s Edge on Kofi and there goes Kofi. Sheamus is in control of Cena and has him hoisted up for the Razor’s Edge when HHH sneaks back in the ring and hits a low blow and a Pedigree on Sheamus to eliminate him. Both Cena and HHH are down, Cena pops up 1st and locks in the STF on HHH. HHH tries to get to the ropes, but fails to and taps and we have a new WWE Champion. The match itself was very good. It was very physical and there was a lot of action. My problem is with who won, or more specifically who didn’t win. If you read me regularly then you know how much I’ve been harping on Sheamus getting a defining win. WWE really dropped the ball in not giving it to him. His title reign really proved to be a giant waste of time. Even though it would have annoyed the hell out of me, at least if HHH won Sheamus could have been in a WWE Championship Match at WrestleMania as neither man has anything else going at this point. Cena winning blows mega chunks. Only an idiot doesn’t know he is facing Batista at WM. That match doesn’t need a title attached to it, especially if the Hart/McMahon conflict is rolled into it. The match is worth seeing, the ending is what pissed me off.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion- John Cena. ***3/4

Cena barely has time to realize he’s the new champion when Mr. McMahon comes onto the ramp and makes Cena vs Batista for the title, right now!

WWE Championship Match- Champion John Cena vs Batista

This match lasted all of 30 seconds. Batista spears and Batista Bombs Cena to become win the title. Cena looks up at the WM sign dejected, implying he’s not going to WM now, which we all know isn’t the case. This makes the reason why Cena won the belt clear, but like I said, the title doesn’t need to be involved in this feud.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion- Batista. DUD

Intercontinental Championship Match- Champion Drew McIntyre vs Kane

This was very slow paced with lots of rest holds. The two were brawling on the outside when I’m pretty sure I heard Matt Striker use the term “Snookie Punch”. The match did pick up after they went back in the ring. McIntyre won in about 11 minutes with a thumb to the eye followed by his Future Shock DDT.

Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion- Drew McIntyre. **

Backstage, Maryse meets up with Gail Kim. Maryse starts to talk in French, but guess what? Gail knows French and knows Maryse has been talking trash to her.

Gail and Maryse are in the ring getting ready for their match to start when Vickie Guerrero comes out. She doesn’t appreciate the RAW Divas putting down the SmackDown Divas, so she is postponing their match and making a tag match, Gail and Maryse vs Layla and Michelle McCool. See I told you WWE cares even less about the Divas Title Match than you.

Gail Kim and Maryse vs Michelle McCool and Layla.

The match went about 4 minutes. Maryse never tagged in and Gail fell victim to the move Mrs. Undertaker ripped off of AJ Styles. After the match Maryse hit the French Kiss on Gail. I have no idea why WWE keeps delaying the Divas Title match, please just get it over with already. There’s no way in hell the Gail/Maryse match would’ve been worst than this.

Winners- Michelle McCool and Layla. DUD

We now have Annoying Josh Matthews in the back with The Miz. Miz trashes his “Rookie” Daniel Bryan. MVP comes by to interrupt. He says since he pinned Miz on RAW in a tag match that means he’s earned another US Title Match, funny I thought it would mean that him and Mizark would get a Tag Team Title Match. That US Title Match is tonight. Yes, for the 2nd straight PPV Miz and MVP are having an impromptu match, quite lame.

William Regal is in the ring talking up WWE NXT and how he deserves to be a “Pro”. This brings out Edge. Edge makes fun of Regal and says that tomorrow on RAW he will chose his WM opponent, then he spears Regal. This was just a way to kill time although we now have something to look forward to on RAW.

United States Championship Match- Champion The Miz vs MVP

This one went about 13 minutes. They got more time and because of it, this was better than their Royal Rumble Match. We get a blood sighting. I first noticed it after MVP hit a belly to belly on Miz off the top rope that Miz’s head was bleeding. The medic never came in to stop the match. Each man’s partner is at ringside and they end up getting into it which ends up with Henry going through the barricade around the time keeper’s table. Back inside, MVP misses a kick in the corner and Miz distracts the referee which allows Big Show to hit the KO Punch on MVP, allowing Miz to retain.

Winner and STILL United States Champion- The Miz. ***

Elimination Chamber Match for the World Heavyweight Championship- Champion The Undertaker vs Chris Jericho vs John Morrison vs CM Punk vs R-Truth vs Rey Mysterio

Did anyone notice the Undertaker running to the ring during his entrance? It wasn’t by design, reports from in the arena say his hat and coat caught fire from his pyro. When you were getting ready to watch this match did you think the words “slow” and “boring” were going to be used to describe this match? Well, for the most part it was. This one went about 37 minutes and unlike the RAW EC Match, the participants weren’t long for the match. There was never more than 3 men in the ring at the same time. Before the match starts CM Punk delivers his usual sermon. He starts it off with Truth and 4 minutes in he hits the GTS on Truth for the 1st elimination. He takes the mic again and begins to taunt the men locked in their pods. Mysterio is out 3rd. The 2 battle for a few minutes when it looks like Punk is going to hit a GTS off the top rope, instead he gets crotched and Rey hits a top rope hurricarana to the steel, Punk rolls in the ring and takes a spring board splash and Punk is gone at the 10 minute mark. Yep, same deal as the Rumble, they put Punk over strong letting him talk during the match and getting quick eliminations, yet he doesn’t even make it to the half way point of the match, I just don’t get it. Jericho is out 4th and Morrison is out 5th. I thought this would be the point of the match where things really starting cooking and they just never did. At the 21 minute mark Morrison hit Star Ship Pain on Rey to eliminate him. The Undertaker comes out last. Jericho was great here, he showed his fear of Undertaker and kept trying to lock himself in a pod instead of having to face the Dead Man. Nice move by Morrison when the Undertaker dropped him on the turnbuckle for Snake Eyes and before he could hit the Big Boot, Morrison hit the Flying Chuck. Not to long after that at the 29 minute mark Undertaker chokeslams Morrison onto the steel, brings him back in the ring and pinned him. It’s down to Undertaker and Jericho. They go at it for about 9 minutes. They had a nice sequence when Jericho countered a chokeslam attempt into the Walls of Jericho which Undertaker turned into Hell’s Gate. The ending came when Undertaker hit the Last Ride on Jericho and before he could go for the cover, Shawn Michaels comes through a hidden panel on the steel flooring and hits Sweet Chin Music on Undertaker. Jericho takes advantage and we have a new champion. The PPV ends with HBK coldly looking down on the Undertaker. Unlike the RAW EC, this one went according to plan. Jericho comes out as champion setting up him vs Edge and HBK screwed Undertaker setting up their match. It just would have been nice to see this be more exciting along the way.

Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion- Chris Jericho. ***1/4

The final PPV before WM is in the books and it was a mixed bag for me. I thought the RAW EC Match was really good, but I hated the ending and I hated what happened after even more. The advertised undercard stunk. Why even have a second women’s title, they obviously could give a shit about it. The US Title Match was good but like the Royal Rumble it was unannounced. I didn’t mention this before but I hate in ring talk segments at PPVs. We are paying for wrestling. The SD EC match left a lot to be desired in terms of in ring work, but the outcome went just as I had thought. There are more questions than answers heading into WM with the way the RAW EC Match played out, like what are HHH and Sheamus going to do for WM now that neither is champion? The 2 World Titles changed hands 3 times and the RAW EC Match and Miz/MVP match are worth watching. With that said, Elimination Chamber gets a 6/10.


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