CM’s Quick Hits: The Undertaker vs. John Cena

If you could book one WWE match between two megastars that are still active and have never faced off, who would it be? I’m sure a lot of names come to mind but any combination of two men has probably been done to death. Take John Cena, Triple H and Randy Orton for example. How many times have those three wrestled in any pairing or even in a Triple Threat Match? Too many to count and it’s at the point that you’d never want to see any incarnation of a match with  those three ever again. I’ll give you another second to think…Ok, time is up (Sorry. I’m impatient). The answer is John Cena vs. The Undertaker.

Go through the WWE archives on WWE Network, how many times have John Cena and The Undertaker battled? Once back at Vengeance in 2003 and John Cena wasn’t John Cena yet. That match took place nearly 14 years ago. It is hard to believe that WWE has kept these two apart for all this time. You can probably count on one hand the times they’ve been in the ring together since that match. It’s astonishing when you take into account how many times we’ve seen Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns in the last few weeks.

There are maybe a handful of special matches that WWE could put together with the talent they have that transcend a normal wrestling match and I guarantee you John Cena or The Undertaker is in most pairing you’ll come up with. John  Cena vs. The Undertaker is the biggest. It’s the closest WWE can get to Cena vs. The Rock in being able to pit two eras against each other. And like Cena vs. The Rock it is new to us. You can throw that 2003 match out. John Cena is an infinitely better wrestler than he was in 2003 and he thrives in big match settings. This would be the biggest you would get and it would be at WrestleMania, the only place that could house this match.

After being on the books for WrestleMania 32 until Cena was injured, it only seemed logical that you would do this match at WrestleMania 33 and many people have reported that was the plan at one point. Now, it doesn’t appear to be in the plans for WrestleMania according to the Wrestling Observer. That would be a grave mistake. Line them up, Finn Balor, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins or even Shinsuke Nakamura. None of them vs. Cena or The Undertaker is as big as Cena vs. The Undertaker. Isn’t that what WrestleMania is about? Giving us the biggest matches possible? Especially when you consider what both have meant to WWE and that they’ve never had a match at a major PPV.

If you say it’s no big deal and you can always do the match another time, you can’t. The Undertaker doesn’t have much left in the tank and frankly Cena doesn’t either when you take in to account all the time he takes off now because of his outside interests and he’s pushing 40. The time is now.

John Cena vs. The Undertaker. It’s the match WrestleMania needs and it’s the match we deserve.


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