I’m back!  In case you don’t remember or are new to what is going on, my name is Christian Michael. I used to run my own blog back some six years ago and I used to write for TJR Wrestling where among other things I covered WWE SmackDown on a weekly basis. Then in April of 2016, I “retired” from writing because I was getting married. Well, nearly nine months later, I’ve got the itch to write again, hence the new blog.

I can’t promise how often I’ll post things but I will when something comes to my mind. I plan on using this as a place to post “extended Facebook statuses”. Meaning things that might be a paragraph or two that I just feel like talking about. That may be about wrestling. It could be about sports (mainly the New York Yankees and New York Giants since those are my teams) or movies or even life in general.

I like to post YouTube videos that no one watches and from now on I’ll make a post here when a new video is posted. Be sure to follow me on Twitter as that will be the only place I will post links to everything I post here. In due time all my archives from my past days of writing will make their way here as well.

As the days go on I’ll set this up properly and make it as “pretty” as I can. I hope you subscribe to this blog and follow me through my past and future writing escapades.


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